Pollinators Thumbtacks or Magnets

Pollinators Thumbtacks or Magnets

This set includes 6 thumbtacks or magnets- please be sure to select which you prefer!

Each one measures approximately 3/4" in diameter. The set consists of 3 bees and 3 butterflies (a monarch, a yellow tiger swallowtail, and a black swallowtail).

As magnets these will brighten up a refrigerator, locker- and some whiteboards are magnetic, too!
These would be a great gift for anyone who has to survive hours upon hours sitting in a boring cubicle! I like these better than regular thumbtacks because they're super easy to grab and they feel so nice in your hands!  There are no sharp edges or flat heads that are hard to grab and wear your hands out after a while.

Please use necessary supervision with these if you are gifting them to a young person since the tacks are... well, sharp, like most tacks. Since these are also small and a possible choking hazard, please keep away from young children!

The illustrations of these pollinators were created by me in Adobe Illustrator. They have been printed on Neenah Environment 100% post-consumer recycled content cardstock. Each magnet or tack is assembled by me.