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Familiar Bluets in Heart-Wheel Position  8"x10" Print

Familiar Bluets in Heart-Wheel Position 8"x10" Print

Ah, love. Two Familiar Bluet damselflies, Enallagma civile. Reference photo by the wonderful Eric Eaton

Male damselflies and dragonflies have two sets of genitalia: one that produces the sperm, near the back-end of the abdomen (or tip of the “tail” as some call it), and a second set that delivers the sperm, located up toward the front of the body. So before mating, they have to curl their abdomen forward to transfer the sperm from genitalia 1 to genitalia 2. The male uses claspers, located at the tip of the last abdominal segment, to grasp the female behind her head. The female then curls her abdomen up and towards the male and meets the 2nd set of genitalia to receive the sperm.

And that is how the Odonata do.


The standard 8"x10" size is easily matted into an 11"x14" mat and frame. A great size for any room! (Frame is not included, shown for demonstration/inspiration purposes only.)


The print will come to you in a protective plastic sleeve with a hard backing.

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