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Luna Moth Illustration  8"x10" Print

Luna Moth Illustration 8"x10" Print

Welcome to the Charismatic Club! Scientific illustration of a Luna moth (Actias luna). I think almost everyone remembers their first encounter with a Luna moth, yes?

...Maybe you were lucky enough to have them come to your own house in the summer.

...Maybe you saw one from underneath, and admired all the fluffy white floof on her body, as you gazed at her from indoors as she perched on your window at night.

...Maybe you found one dead on the side of the road, and brought it inside to add to your bug collection, and you put it in a shoe box where it laid eggs that you thought were actually poop and then you raised the babies and you were so excited until the mosquito spray truck came and sprayed all along your street and the leaves you were feeding the cat