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Pumpkin Spider- Marbled Orb Weaver 8"x10" Print

Pumpkin Spider- Marbled Orb Weaver 8"x10" Print

Araneus marmoreus, the Marbled Orb Weaver or Pumpkin spider. This is a print made from my original drawing, which was created using Prismacolor colored pencils, Staedtler pigment markers and a Slice precision tool, on Strathmore colored pencil fine art paper. Frame not included, just for demonstration purposes.

LOOK CLOSELY at her abdomen! As I was drawing her, I noticed that some of the shapes on her abdomen pattern resembled hearts! I *slightly* exaggerated a couple of the lines to accentuate a few more heart shapes- the point being that most people don’t exactly love spiders, so I decided to give this one plenty of it!! 💕 How many hearts do you see? I see 7, some people see more, which just goes to show there were at least a few occurring naturally 🥰


These spiders are most commonly encountered in the fall, right around Halloween- which, combined with the giant yellowish-orange abdomen, gives them the nickname of Pumpkin Spiders! They are large and with their bright aposematic coloring seem fairly intimidating, but are harmless. A “good bug” to have in the garden!


This drawing was completed from my own photos for reference. In 2020 we were lucky enough to have this gorgeous gal living in our gazebo! She resided up in a corner of the ceiling. We named her Andie. Around Halloween I began going out to check on her daily, hoping when she passed away I could collect her and preserve her. Sadly one day she was just gone 😔 no sign of her anywhere. I’m hoping she left behind a viable egg sac! She was the prettiest spider I had ever seen and even tolerated me shoving a camera in her face a few times, so I felt the need to commemorate her with a drawing. 

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    Please note:
    -Watermarks are not printed on the actual prints. They are for protection purposes for my website only.

    -Prints do not come framed, but frames and mats are often shown for demonstration or inspiration purposes. Most originals do come framed unless otherwise specified.

    -Prints may take from 3-5 days to ship, Most times I print the orders as I receive them and I like them to dry for 24 hours before I bag and ship them. Thanks for your patience.

    -Orders typically ship USPS First Class.

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