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Scolia Dubia Illustration, Blue Winged Wasp 8"x10" Print

Scolia Dubia Illustration, Blue Winged Wasp 8"x10" Print

Scolia Dubia illustration- the Two Spotted wasp, also known as the Blue Winged wasp (although this common name can be confusing as there are many other wasps with iridescent blue wings). Print created from my original colored pencil drawing and printed on fine art paper. 


These wasps are parasitoids of various beetles in the Scarab family. This means they hunt for grubs in your lawn and lay eggs in them, killing the pests. Their prey include June Beetles (commonly known as June Bugs, not so pest-y) and invasive Japanese Beetles (very pest-y). These wasps are a beneficial friend to have in your garden for sure. They are solitary, so they don't have a large nest anywhere and are not aggressive without a big ol' nest o' brood to defend. They will aggregate where there are lots of tasty beetle larvae though, so if you see them "swarming" around flying low in your lawn, it isn't aggressive or defense, it just means you have a lot of beetle larvae up in here, up in here. 


You can choose a standard print, or one with iridescent blue and violet paint added to the wings! The metallic sheen will only show when the light hits the print in a certain way; otherwise the print looks like a standard print. (I.e. the sheen is subtle.) The paint is added with metallic watercolors by hand, and no two are exactly alike.


The standard 8"x10" size is easily matted into an 11"x14" mat and frame. A great size for any room! (Frame is not included, shown for demonstration/inspiration purposes only.)


The print comes to you in a compostable protective plastic sleeve with a hard backing and is signed by me. My 8"x10" prints will arrive on paper larger than 8"x10" to add some "wiggle-room" if you are putting the print under a mat. The print can be trimmed down to fit without a mat into an 8"x10" frame. 

  • Additional Info

    Please note:
    -Watermarks are not printed on the actual prints. They are for protection purposes for my website only.

    -Prints do not come framed, but frames and mats are often shown for demonstration or inspiration purposes. Most originals do come framed unless otherwise specified.

    -Prints may take from 3-5 days to ship, Most times I print the orders as I receive them and I like them to dry for 24 hours before I bag and ship them. Thanks for your patience.

    -Orders typically ship USPS First Class.

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