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Tulip Tree Blossom 1  8"x10" Print

Tulip Tree Blossom 1 8"x10" Print

This is a print made from my original acrylic painting. It will come to you in a protective plastic sleeve with a hard backing. It has been signed by me.


When I first showed this piece at art shows, a lot of people didn't realize this was the flower of the Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron tulipfera) tree. Many times the branches are up so high that it's hard to get a good look at the blossoms until they've fallen onto the ground and are turning brown. I was lucky enough to live hear a tree with some low-hanging branches that I could inspect. I was thrilled when it made lots of beautiful flowers at eye-level! Fun fact: The Tulip Poplar tree is a host plant for the carterpillars of our lovely Tiger Swallowtails. 


It is always humbling when someone tells me they see beauty in something I've drawn, where they may not have otherwise seen it. That's my goal in a lot of the work that I create. Appreciating the beauty of our local flora and fauna may hopefully inspire people to create habitat for insects and pollinators right at home with native plants. 

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    Please note:
    -Watermarks are not printed on the actual prints. They are for protection purposes for my website only.

    -Prints do not come framed, but frames and mats are often shown for demonstration or inspiration purposes. Most originals do come framed unless otherwise specified.

    -Prints may take from 3-5 days to ship, Most times I print the orders as I receive them and I like them to dry for 24 hours before I bag and ship them. Thanks for your patience.

    -Orders typically ship USPS First Class.